Hydroseeding vs. Sod for Large Projects

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When you are looking to restore the lawn of a single lot for a home or even the grassy areas of a smaller commercial project, it can make a lot of sense to use sod to get the immediate gratification of a lush lawn. However, when it comes to large projects, sod might not be the best solution. It isn’t that sod wouldn’t produce excellent results. It definitely would. However, the cost could be prohibitive with a multi-acre property. For these projects, hydroseeding is the next best alternative to just broadcasting dry seed.

Hydroseeding vs. Sod for Large Projects

Hydroseeding involves distributing several materials, typically seed, nutrients, and mulch, that will quickly produce the lush grass you are looking for. Besides providing the results you want, hydroseeding is also the ideal solution when there is the danger of soil erosion. When the land is anything but level, you want something that will begin growing quickly. Dry seed could easily get washed away before it has the chance to root.

It is important to note, however, that site preparation before hydroseeding must be done with care, including putting in a storm water retention system, if needed, to prevent more complex erosion issues that hydroseeding cannot overcome. Another benefit of hydroseeding is that you can customize the seed mixture to meet your project’s needs. You can go with a single grass species or combine two or more to achieve the effect you are going for.

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