Questions to Ask About Large-Scale Tree Removal

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When you are ready to prepare a site for construction, one of the first things you may need to have done after surveying is determine how to manage tree removal. This task isn’t one to be taken lightly, considering most companies aren’t equipped to handle large-scale tree removal, and this process must be done with care and consideration for the land and the construction project being planned.

Questions to Ask About Large-Scale Tree Removal

If you know you need large-scale tree removal for a construction project, here are a few things you should ask your tree removal company before getting started:

  • How much should we clear? An important question to ask tree removal experts is how much of the property should be cleared of trees. While it may seem as though you only need to clear a specific portion of the land, you’ll want to clear enough that you can properly grade, drain, and seed.
  • How will tree removal affect grading and erosion? Trees serve as an important part of the ecosystem, and that means removing them will inherently affect the overall landscape, both immediately and in the future. Talking to your tree removal experts about proper grading and erosion control after trees have been cut will be critical to the success of your project.
  • Do we need to incorporate protective measures after tree removal? Most companies want their facilities to be inviting while also offering the necessary space to achieve their production goals. After tree removal, you may want to ask your tree removal experts about drainage, reseeding, and replanting so that your property continues to thrive after construction is complete.

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