The Benefits of Hydroseeding Highway Embankments

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Some roadways have areas where the elevation of the road surface is either higher or lower than the surrounding land. If you are in charge of keeping embankments maintained in your area of North Carolina, one beneficial improvement you should consider is hydroseeding.

The Benefits of Hydroseeding Highway Embankments

Hydroseeding involves scattering a slurry made using seeds and other materials onto an area where you want vegetation to grow. The seeds chosen will depend on the application, so they can be anything from grass seed to wildflowers, depending on the aesthetic you wish to achieve. You’ll also choose the appropriate hydroseeding for other benefits you want, such as reducing dust and erosion control.

Hydroseeding is far more cost effective than other embankment options such as sod and gravel, so it can be useful for even less-traveled highways, such as country and private roads. The customization ability of hydroseeding makes it useful even for residential property owners who have a hilly area they don’t want to have to mow anymore or areas around lakes.

If you are considering hydroseeding as a solution for an embankment in your area, reach out to us at L&S Site Contractor. We can handle all the site preparation prior to doing the hydroseeding so that you get the best possible results. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.