Top Benefits of Hydroseeding

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Proper landscaping has the power to completely change the feel of a property. It transforms the land and creates a cleaner and uniform appearance. Hydroseeding is a method of spraying seeds with a mixture of seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and other soil amendments to achieve the look of a well-landscaped lawn. It is a highly effective alternative to laying down sod and comes with many different benefits.

Top Benefits of Hydroseeding

Here are some of the top benefits of hydroseeding over alternatives:

  • It’s simpler. All of the necessary parts of seeding your lawn happen at one time rather than the several steps that come with laying sod. Hydroseeding uses a slurry of all of the necessary components for seeding your lawn, so you don’t have a variety of steps to keep track of.
  • It helps with erosion control. Hydroseeding slurry will stick to any surface that it’s applied to. This makes it ideal for erosion control, which is important for maintaining the overall wellbeing of the soil on your property.
  • It’s cost effective. Laying down sod costs much more money than hiring hydroseeding services. Combined with the amount of time and manual labor necessary for sodding your lawn, the cost of laying sod can quickly climb, making hydroseeding a much better alternative for your wallet.

Hydroseeding is best done by a professional contractor who knows what they’re doing. This ensures that the slurry is applied correctly and that you’re satisfied with the end result. Our hydroseeding services at L&S Site Contractor are sure to leave you satisfied with your lawn, so call us today.