What is Landfill Remediation?

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With land and property becoming scarcer, some communities are looking into how they can reclaim spaces that are no longer used and transform them into usable land. Landfills are usually large swaths of land that are used for dumping waste. With landfills that are no longer in use, landfill remediation can be used to reclaim the space and make it useful and habitable again.

What is Landfill Remediation?

Landfill remediation is the process of removing waste from a former landfill site to not only reclaim the property, but also to eliminate hazardous products and mitigate potential contamination from the site into groundwater. Many older landfills were not regulated like modern landfills, which means environmentally toxic and hazardous chemicals were disposed of improperly and now require mitigation efforts to contain the contaminants. Removing the waste from these sites and seeking out proper disposal methods will free up the property and provide environmental benefits.

At L&S Site Contractor, we offer landfill remediation services throughout North Carolina. We understand the specific efforts required for these projects and take great care to properly remediate this type of land. Our team is composed of certified, licensed professionals with extensive experience in landfill remediation efforts. We have a strong knowledge base and skillset and the heavy equipment required to tackle your project, no matter the scale.

On all of our jobs, we value excellent communication to ensure we are clear and on the same page about exactly what needs to happen with your project. We are committed to excellence and will deliver quality work while offering exceptional customer service. Give us a call today to discuss your landfill remediation needs; our team is well-versed on all that this type of project entails!