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We tailor our disaster response services to the unique situation at hand.

After disaster strikes South Carolina, the goal on everyone’s mind is rebuilding to get back to normal. For that phase to begin, however, you need a disaster response professional to deal with the mess left behind by the tornado, hurricane, or other type of disaster. At L&S Site Contractor, we are known for the compassion we have for those who are dealing with a crisis situation. We do everything in our power to respond quickly with the suitable heavy machinery to get the debris cleared and hauled away.

Disaster Response in South Carolina

We won’t just dive in without a plan, however. We’ll take the time to assess the situation and formulate a course of action related to the type of debris and the suitable type of disaster response. We are experienced with everything from brine and saltwater cleanup to oil spills. We also hold all the necessary certifications, including HAZWOPER 40-hour certification and H2S certification, for dealing with hazardous materials and hydrogen sulfide, which can be present at a disaster site such as a sinkhole. With our more than 20 years of experience and dedication to following safety protocols, you can be confident that our disaster response will be handled well, keeping everyone and the environment safe during the cleanup.

Whether you need us for disaster response for just your property or for community-wide cleanups, you can rest assured that we’ll diligently work as efficiently as possible to get your life back to normal. Reach out today with any questions or to give us the green light to head to your disaster site to begin assessing the situation.

At L&S Site Contractor, we offer disaster response services for customers in North Carolina and South Carolina.