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We can turn your dream into a reality through our professional pond construction services.

There are a number of reasons to consider adding a pond to a property. A pond is a beautiful water feature that can add visual appeal and interest to the outdoor space. Ponds can also serve the needs of the wildlife that visit the property, which can be appealing if you enjoy watching birds or caring for the animals that live in the area surrounding your property. Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from the addition of a pond. At L&S Site Contractor, we can turn your dream into a reality through our professional pond construction services.

Pond Construction in North Carolina

If you’re interested in adding a pond to a property in North Carolina, contact us to discuss your ideas with an experienced member of our crew. Our company’s owner has decades of experience in the industry and holds multiple certifications and licensures, showcasing his dedication to the quality of the work we do. When we start a pond construction job, we’ll consult with you on your property and assess the available space. From there, we can create a design and start constructing your new pond in the designated place.

Pond construction isn’t the only service we offer. We’re a full-service heavy machinery operations company that can handle a range of needs. Our company often partners with property owners and construction companies to provide site contracting and related services. We can take care of a range of needs, including land clearing, excavation, grading, tree removal, and much more. For more information or to request a quote for pond construction on your property, contact us today.

At L&S Site Contractor, we manage pond construction projects for customers in North Carolina and South Carolina.