Excavation, North Carolina

Excavation is necessary on most construction sites to prepare the ground for digging and building.

Excavation is the process of moving rock, dirt, and other materials with various tools and equipment. This process is necessary on most construction sites to prepare the ground for digging and building, including to create foundations, roads, and reservoirs. Some of the most common processes used in excavation include digging, site development, dredging, and trenching. In order to handle these tasks, excavators need the right machinery to get the job done right. If you need professional excavation services, contact us at L&S Site Contractor. We offer this and many other site contracting services throughout the state of North Carolina.

Excavation in North Carolina

Some of the key steps in the excavation process include:

  • Examining the site to create a detailed plan
  • Assessing the artifacts and natural habitat that must be protected
  • Creating drawings and plans
  • Establishing corner benchmarks
  • Digging to the approved depth
  • Leveling the ground
  • Constructing any necessary boundaries and drains

In addition to excavation, we can take care of other site preparation tasks. Some of these include tree removal, grading, material hauling, and land clearing. Our heavy machinery operations company is owned and operated by a contractor with more than two decades of experience. He acts as project manager and site superintendent on all projects to ensure an excellent outcome. We truly care about the success of your project, and we’ll do what it takes to prepare the site for the next steps in the process. Learn more about the site contracting services we can provide by contacting us. We’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate for the project.

At L&S Site Contractor, we offer excavation services for customers in North Carolina and South Carolina.