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We can clear the trees from your building site.

Before you can begin a residential or commercial building project, the site must be prepared, which often includes the removal of any unwanted trees. Not every tree removal company has the expertise and the equipment to handle a large-scale tree removal project. At L&S Site Contractor, we deliver this knowledge and expertise.

Tree Removal in North Carolina

Communication is key, so we’ll take the time to thoroughly examine the property and go over your plans with you, so you can be confident that all aspects of your site preparation will be carried out precisely. We also understand the importance of keeping a project on schedule and on budget. We are insured, and all of our employees are highly trained and certified to do this type of work. We have the experience and foresight required for anticipating challenges that may come up during the tree removal process. Our top priority is to earn your trust and fulfill your needs and expectations with the highest level of success. We are committed to doing your tree removal project to your specifications and complete satisfaction, and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Tree removal is just one of our site preparation services, but we also provide services that are completed in the later phases of a building project, including erosion and sediment control, bio-retention pond construction, storm water retention system installation, septic services, pipe installation, and material hauling. If you are in need of tree removal in North Carolina, please reach out to learn more or to schedule an on-site consultation to discuss the scope of your site preparation project.

At L&S Site Contractor, we offer tree removal services for customers in North Carolina and South Carolina.